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Lifting your operations to new heights with guaranteed success!

High quality brands

Reliable performance

At AV Montacargas, we only sell or rent products designed to last. The brands we work with are the most trusted in the industry. We have provided our customers with the best brands since our inception. Our customers like the quality and variety they find in our facilities. See some of the brands we offer.



Great quality

Toyota forklifts are material handling equipment that are widely used in warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial environments for the transportation and lifting of heavy loads. Toyota is a brand recognized worldwide for its quality and reliability in the manufacturing of forklifts.



Simply unbeatable

Rudomatic import forklift tires are a high quality and reliable option. Specifically designed to withstand the demands of industrial applications, these imported wheels offer exceptional performance in demanding work environments. With their durable construction, they provide optimal grip, wear resistance and excellent traction, ensuring safe and efficient forklift operation. Whether on smooth or uneven surfaces, imported Rudomatic forklift tires are the ideal choice to improve productivity and maximize the performance of your equipment.



Spare parts for many brands

The parts we use are parts and components designed to offer exceptional and long-lasting performance in various applications. These spare parts are distinguished by their manufacturing with superior materials and high precision production processes. With their meticulous attention to detail and rigorous quality standards, these parts ensure perfect fit, reliable functionality and long life. By choosing high-quality parts, you can be sure that you are investing in products that will improve the performance and efficiency of your equipment, delivering superior results and greater customer satisfaction.


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